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These lessons helped me a lot about how to work and help customers. I also learned a lot of vocabulary. I have a fear of speaking publicly, and this program has helped me greatly.
I really appreciate your help to motivate me to try my best. 


I have a great experience with the Program. I've learned so much about the business community and the culture of Canada. It has improved my language skills and give me confidence in speaking with other Canadian people.


As a newcomer in a new country, a new language, and a new culture, I found some difficulties in communicating with others. I was really fortunate to join the SLEEC program as a learner. This program helped me to develop and improve my language level and enrich my linguistic skills in order to meet my requirements in finding a job opportunity in my field of specialization as a teacher. This program also gave me the opportunity to be part of a wonderful team of instructors and to contribute as a classroom assistant helping other learners who aspire to improve themselves and develop their linguistic abilities to take an active part in this community.

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