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CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks) 1-6

Worksheets and Handouts
Unit 4 Where's the Item? Worksheet
Unit 2 Can you...? Request Worksheet
Unit 1 Hello-and-Goodbye Worksheet
Unit 3 Cashier-Customer Dialogue Worksheet
Unit 3 Self-Assessment Sheet
Unit 4 Stock Inventory List
Unit 5 Rate the Delivery Checklist
Unit 5 Order Pick-up Worksheet
Unit 6 How Did I Do? Service Checklist
Unit 7 Would You Like...? Handout
Unit 8 Welcome to Tim Hortons Worksheet.
Unit 10 Can I Take Your Order, Please? Worksheet
Quizlet Sets and Kahoot!
Bingo Cards
Busser-Seerver Bingo Card (Unit 2).png
Busser-Customer Bingo Card (Unit 2).png
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