Meet Our Team


Many talented current and former students, collaborators, and participants across Canada have contributed to the SLEEC project since 2017.


Li-Shih Huang, PhD

Principle Investigator and Project Lead​

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Sarah Cockcroft

Instructor and Research Assistant. I love helping learners build confidence and improve their communication skills for employment.

Alison Bowles

Instructor and English language educator. I enjoy supporting learners by creating and implementing authentic lessons geared toward their needs.

Josh White

Instructor and oral proficiency assessor. I enjoy implementing new lessons and helping learners succeed. 

Yusr Hejazi

Classroom Assistant and French teacher. I love learning languages, and I enjoy helping learners to succeed together.

Monica Conners

MA Candidate and Research Assistant. I love working on this project because teaching is my greatest passion.

Erin O'Toole

Project Coordinator and aspiring language teacher. I enjoy connecting with our English learners and watching them succeed!

Paul Emme

MA Student and oral proficiency assessor. I enjoy helping our learners through language assessment. 


Acknowledgement of

Previous Contributors

Rola Doudin, Hanah Murphy, Amjad Alhemaid,

Yiran Zhang, Keun Kim, Ally Gatey,

Sandra MacGregor, Kira Mauriks, Silas Romig,

Melody Qian, Ruby Becky Arkoh,

Sangeeta Parmar, and Toung Vy Nguyen